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Our Mission

The Jedi Guardians are a group of Jedi Realist that provide security, first aid and custodial services throughout the Jedi community. Whether it be a force sensitive cook out or a formal gathering, the Guardians are there to assist in keeping the peace and rendering service to those in need.

The Jedi Guardians provide a multitude of services including private security, assisting those with disabilities, personal escort and first aid and CPR. We conduct all services in the name of growing a better Jedi community and creating a safe environment during all Jedi activities.

Event Safety

We will help secure your event with our safety team, keeping outside intruders at bay and making the function safe for all attendees.

Local Response

We are centrally located on the east coast and the mid-west united states so we can respond to a request for service within those territories expeditiously.

Private Security

We are specially trained by our staff of Martial Arts experts and Security professionals to implement de-escalation tactics to resolve any situation that may arise.

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Jedi Guardians seek to preserve a safe environment where events can be held knowing we have your best interests in mind.

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